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Free Mental Health Resources & Information

When Asking a Friend Is Just Not Enough

The following resources have been handpicked by C. Daylee as a reference to your healing journey. Please contact us if further assistance or guidance is necessary.



  • Human Trafficking assistance

    • Willow House​: (877) 978-3511

    • ICE Hotline: (866) DHS-2ICE  


  • Dating

    • Love, Sex, and Dating by A. Stanley​

    • Why Men Marry Some Women & Not Others by J. Molloy

    • He Loves Me, He Love Me Not by P. White

  • Bullying

    • Bullying at School by D. Olweus​

  • Personality

    • Your Personality Tree by F. Littauer​

    • Overcoming Anxiety & Depression by B. Phillips

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