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Personal Imperfection

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

When a couple has a perfectly healthy infant they are truly blessed beyond measure. In the United States in 2019 nearly 3.75 million infants were delivered. Many of these couples took their little bundle of healthy joy home to love and rear in an imperfect world. It is the responsibility of the parents to protect, prepare, and navigate their child through the maze of life. Parents want to keep their children from harm, and criticism. Those of you who are parents understand that in many cases the path forward will not be easy even in the best of circumstances. There are so many things that supportive parents will protect their child from and warn them about to be able to move through life with as few difficulties as possible. Realistically it is impossible to protect a person from all that life throws his/her way.

The title of this blog tells you a lot about what I intend to write about. I want to share the feeling of individuals who have body imperfections. Some were born with these infirmaries or it could have happened early during their life. Things like being born with a deformed hand, a club foot, blindness, albinism, vitiligo, missing limbs, and very dark pigmentation. All of these conditions are visible to the world. In many cases some individuals with one or more or of these conditions may be haunted the rest of their lives. I have met individuals with some of these conditions and I have heard the haunting stories of how these individuals were treated.

Recently, I met with a woman who is in her mid-forties and she told me that she is still haunted by her disability. She was born with a clubfoot and she has always worn an elevated shoe on her left foot. She remembers when she was in middle school the children would call her “limp foot”. She remembers, never being included in any of the games that were played in groups on to school playground. It still haunts her today by the fact that she was never invited to any classmate’s birthday parties. The sadness of her circumstances has followed her all her life. She is incredibly grateful to her parents for taking care of her and giving her the best upbringing that they could. She showed me a scare on her right leg, it was given to her by one of her male classmates. He pushed her down because he felt he she was moving too slowly in front of him. She stated one of her other male classmates came and looked at her and said, “clubfoot, you need to get up out of the way before someone else hits you”. He reached his hand out as if he was going to assist her in getting up, but just as she raised her hand up to meet his he jerked his hand back and started laughing at her. He said, “ you did not think I was going to help you up, did you?" He took off running to class. She made her way up from the floor and dusted herself off and continued on to class. Her leg was bleeding and she tore a piece of her undershirt off and wiped the blood from her leg. She arrived late to class and her teacher told her, “you must start earlier so you want be late.” The class bust out in laughter. She said she the took her seat; she hurt inside. But she never let it be seen by her classmates.

As an adult she has never been able to sustain a true loving relationship with a man. She feels in her heart that when she meets a man the first thing he observes is she unable to stand up right. The man then looks at her shoes and her leg, understanding she is crippled. She said her nightly prayer was that people would look past her imperfection and see her heart and know that she was a good loving person who has a lot to offer a relationship.

Pathway to Relief:

  • Know that God does not give us more than we can bear.

  • From all circumstances there is a lesson that we are to learn from.

  • No one said that life would be easy. Take the good with the bad and make something good happen.

  • We travel the road of life in a fog but if we trust in our God then he will lead us out of the fog.

  • Learn to love yourself no matter what your physical condition. Push forward to happiness.

  • Wear a smile on your face, hold your head high, and ask God to give you the strength to live another day.

  • Do not focus on getting a mate. Put your attention on building true happiness for yourself.

  • Start a travel club; join a book club; take a class; and get involve in helping someone else, You never know where that can lead you.

  • There are always going to be bullies. The thing about them is that they have more problems than you do.

  • You can not be happy when you cause others sadness.

We have covered a lot of information if I have said anything you would like more information on please contact me on my Blog.

Thank You,

C. Daylee


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