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Hi! I’m C. Daylee

A mental health advocate & blogger 

C. Daylee has always desired to speak to people’s needs through counseling.  As we all know how the world is changing and evolving that can look different for each person.  Focusing on the betterment of self and having a strong faith in God, C. Daylee aims to put her stamp on the world through this platform.


While getting her Sociology degree, with a focus in counseling, at Voorhees College, C. Daylee worked closely with programs like Upward Bound and The Urban League. “she was able to work closely with teens, follow their lives; counseling and helping them navigate through life’s daily issues while also helping to guide them to a successful future.”


As the years have progressed C. Daylee has had plenty of experience with counseling and life coaching.  Some of her favorite assignments have been working with single mothers and pregnant youth.  As a mother herself, it was a joy helping these women navigate through motherhood and the challenges they faced being a single parent.  Guiding and preparing pregnant teens for major life decisions concerning their unborn child and upcoming hurdles of pregnancy was, as a mother, one of the most impactful jobs C. Daylee has been a part of; “young girls have to prepare quickly for adulthood, especially if they choose to bring another life into the world.”  As many know and can imagine, being a teen mother can be extremely difficult.  C. Daylee has been able to assist teen mothers, not only with the challenges of raising a child, but also finding their new place in this world as a woman and now mother.


C. Daylee has also worked with the Center of Disease Control (CDC), where she worked as a counseling representative for sexually transmitted diseases.  A strong believer in education, she was tasked with counseling those affected by a STD, “most of all it is a huge deal learning you are positive for some STD; most people feel judged and tend to shy away from help for fear of judgement.”  She also educated patients about their status, treatment, and how to progress forward after being infected.


Now in more present year, C. Daylee focuses on faith-based counseling for marriages, families, persons dealing with substance abuse, and domestic violence victims.  Her goal is to repair these relationships through counseling and with a strong faith in God.  Through this blog she aims to reach the masses, both those who want to be known and those who are listening/viewing anonymously, and the aim is getting them on the right path for their needs.  “Through diving deeper into my faith, I know God makes no mistakes and that everyone has a path, but they all differ, and that is okay!”   

C. Daylee specializes in Christian Clinical Counseling, MCC, with a focus on family and marriage, domestic abuse, and relationship rebuilding. With a faith base foundation.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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