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Sarah J.

My experience with C. Daylee has helped me enter into a new light of transition.


Angela M.

Despite my success, C. Daylee was able to guide me along the path of mental healing from my past!


Michael A.

C. Daylee was a tremendous support to getting my mind in line of accepting the truth of who I am inside & out. 

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Quote of the Month

" It's okay to be wrong for the right reason. If you know in your heart what the truth really is''. 

 ― C. Daylee, Atlanta, GA

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Hi, I’m C. Daylee

A mental health blogger. Passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that makes you better.

C. Daylee has always desired to speak to people’s needs through counseling.  As we all know how the world is changing and evolving that can look different for each person.  Focusing on the betterment of self and having a strong faith in God, C. Daylee aims to put her stamp on the world through this platform.

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